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WeCoOwn Rewards Program

Earn WCX reward tokens when you sign up and enter three eligible properties or assets that you currently own. Sellers could earn WCX tokens by listing properties or assets for sale or for lease. Buyers could earn WCX tokens by making active due diligence comments and forming a buyer group to co-purchase the properties or assets with other potential like-minded co-owners on the WeCoOwn (WeCo) platform.

Use the WCX reward tokens on the platform to upgrade memberships and pay for the use of the online SaaS tool PBMS (Property Booking & Management System). In PBMS, an Admin member can make calendar bookings for co-owners in a buyer group to enjoy the use of the co-owned property or asset. Admin members can also rent the property or asset out, distribute the earnings among co-owners, collect payments from co-owners to upkeep and maintain the property or asset or list the property or asset eventually for sale on the associated WePropertyowners (WePo) site.

Other ways to use the utility token WCX is to pay for the promotions of your listings for sale or for lease as well as to pay for the ads if you are a broker, a lender or other services provider for property or asset purchase transactions.

WeCoOwn Platform

WeCoOwn is a meeting place where anybody can register for free to find potential co-owners of any property or asset.

Flexible arrangements of co-ownership structures, operating partners, and custodian services can be arranged at will by members you will meet on the platform on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis.

Property Management Services Value-Add

WeCoOwn provides you with a network so that you can find other people to share the co-ownership of properties or assets. The platform also makes it easy and have streamlined the property or asset booking and management process via online SaaS tool Property Booking & Management System (PBMS) to make sure you spend less time worrying about the management issues and spend more time enjoying the uses and financial benefits of co-ownership.

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