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WeCoOwn has not conducted and does not have a plan to conduct an ICO or any other public tokenization sale events to solicit investors or to raise funds for its creation. The completed development of the WeCoOwn web platform, the associated mobile apps and the member business services have been solely internally financed.

The WCX token is not designed to be a speculative trading tool and has no financial trading or investment value. It is simply a utility token to be used by platform members to pay for the services they desire on the platform or be rewarded for the services they provide. 

The frequently updated whitepapers are not solicitations for investments in any jurisdictions and are meant only for receiving correction feedback, further development suggestions and local customization requests from platform users around the world to continuously improve its platform services. 

- WeCoOwn Management 0531 2021
WeCoOwn currently expects to launch the Beta version of its web platform services and its mobile apps in July, 2021.   

The official launch date is scheduled in August, 2021.
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